Hanging sheetrock in new stairway area

After the  staging is built, the new sheetrock in the ceiling and upper sections of the stairway are hung and the old sheetrock is patched. After the ceiling and upper sections are hung the lower sections are hung.

The sheetrock being used is a new lightweight sheetrock from USG.

Sheetrock hung
Staging built and sheetrock hung

The sheetrock on the half wall was not hung because that wall will be removed to install the new stairs.

sheetrock hung
Sheetrock hung in the lower sections of the stairway opening
sheetrock hung in entry ceiling
Sheetrock hung in entry ceiling

Th picture above shows the recessed light centered in the entry opening .

Before the ceiling was hung it was insulated with 6″fiberglass insulation .

Sheetrock joints taped
The sheetrock joints taped

In the picture above the sheetrock joints were taped and the screw holes were filled.

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