Basement stair framing

existing stairs
existing stairs

As we noted in an earlier post “The stairs to the basement are steep, narrow, and have a difficult to maneuver set of winders at the bottom” .
The total stair rise from the finished basement floor to the finished kitchen floor is 96″.
A set of stairs meeting code would require eleven treads with twelve 8 ” risers. We will use an ell shaped opening 37″ wide with the length of the long section at 128″ and the length of the lower section 45″.

stair opening

stair opening

The pictures that follow will show the steps in framing the new stair opening for the new stairs that will meet code.

Below is a picture of the stair opening with the existing walls removed.

stair opening with walls removed

Stair opening with walls removed

Below is a picture of the flooring cut back to prepare for framing the opening.

flooring cut back

flooring cut back

After the flooring is cut back it is necessary to build a temporary wall underneath the floor to support the floor system when the existing girder is removed.

temporary support wall

Temporary support wall

To remove the existing girder the electric wires must be moved and the heat ducts must be moved.


existing wires

the existing electric wires on the girder must be moved

heat must be moved

forced hot air duct work must be moved

After the electric wires and duct work have been moved the floor joists can now be cut back to form the new size opening and the girder can be cut out.

floor joists cut back

Floor joists cut back to receive stair opening rim joist

The girder can now be cut out.

remove girder

cut out girder

After the girder is cut out the permanent bearing  stairway walls are built the in basement.

build stairway wall

Build basement stairway bearing wall

Build walls to basement stairway entrance.


basement entry walls

Build walls to basement entry stairs.

Add stairway rim joists and first wall shoe.


rim joist and first wall shoe

Add 2x8 stair opening rim joist and 2x4 first wall shoe.

Finished stairway opening

Finished stairway opening

finished stairway opeing

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