Home Improvement Project : New Basement Stairs-New Floors-New Kitchen

This project started with the desire of the homeowners to update the kitchen in their older Cape Cod Home as the home transitions into their full time residence. Some of the kitchen cabinets are on the common wall between the basement stairs and the kitchen and all of the kitchen cabinets are sitting on old flooring that needs to be replaced. The house has a very open floor plan with no doors separating the entry foyer , living room, dining room , den , kitchen and laundry, bath , and porch hallway.

The stairs to the basement are steep, narrow, and have a difficult to maneuver set of winders at the bottom. Bringing the stairs  up to code needs to done before the new kitchen can be put in. The stair area must be made wider and  deeper.

We decided the projects would be done in this order:

  • rebuild basement stairs
  • replace the flooring in non-kitchen sections (determined by room areas)
  • replace the kitchen flooring and replace the kitchen when the homeowners are away on vacation

This blog will follow the progress of this project.

Below are pictures of the relevant sections of the house and some plans.

basement stair door

Door to basement stairs



Basement Stairs


Winders at the bottom of the stairs

first floor plan

First floor plan of new Stairs

stairs to basement

Basement plan of new stairs

Existing Kitchen

Existing Kitchen

Existing Kitchen

Existing Kitchen

Existing Kitchen

Existing Kitchen

Proposed Kitchen Rendering

Proposed Kitchen Rendering

Check back again and watch the progress of this project.


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